Circa 1872

The Original United States Post Office for Grand Haven over 145 years ago.  This corner in Grand Haven has an illustrious history of enterprise and community gathering. The Grand Haven Elks and Grand Haven Eagles 925 were Founded on the second floor of this historical building. Over 100 years of bars and brews ...if only the walls could talk!

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Al Capone

Al Capone allegedly had tunnels underneath the streets connecting the buildings to the river where he would bring booze and beer in during prohibition!

Bar, Pub, Tavern, Brewpub, and/or Brewery; names change but the story remains the same

100 Washington Avenue -  In 1872 a new post office and Elk Temple Building was built on the southeast corner of First and Washington. Door-to-door mail delivery began in 1908. The post office remained in this building until a new one was built in 1905 on the northwest corner of Washington and Third Streets. The post office was relocated once again to the southwest corner of Fourth and Washington Streets in 1966. As in most small communities, Grand Haven’s post office was the hub of activity, a place where townspeople gathered to catch up on gossip, find out about upcoming dances, picnics, and recitals, and to check if they had received any long awaited letters or parcels. With the start of rural mail delivery, the post office became a much quieter place, and in 1905 it moved to its new location further uptown at 235 Washington. In 1877 Joseph T. Wixon opened a photography studio on the second floor. He sold to Edward Baker in 1880. The Elks’ Club met on the upper level until moving to 15 South 3rd in 1931. Birney and Charles Hoyt had an insurance office on the second floor, and George D. Sanford offered real estate, insurance, and loan services in the same building in the 1890s. Attorney Walter I. Lilley’s office was on the second floor as early as 1894, before moving to 218 Washington. In the early 1930s Frank B. Reghel had an insurance office here, until he moved to 222 Washington around 1940. The Maccabees met in the building every Friday at 7:30 p.m.Not long after the post office moved to its new facility at 325 Washington, the building was divided in two. By 1907 James Van Wessem had a “Candy Shop and Ice Cream Parlor” here, and offered sodas and sundaes for a nickel. Van Wessem sold to brothers Harold and Arnold Smith later in the decade, and by 1921 it was called The Soda Grill. In the mid-1920s it was named Weimer’s Ice Cream Parlor, which was replaced by Candyland, a store run by Adeline Clark and Carrie Palmer, in the late 1920s. Before it became the Green Mill Tavern at the end of the decade, the building housed a real estate office and then a drug store. The Green Mill offered beer and sandwiches and was owned by Guy M. Van Lopik. Story & Clark Piano Company made the Green Mill Tavern a popular end-of-the-day stop for factory workers. It was later called Gay Haven, Smitty’s Bar, the Pickaroon Saloon Tavern, and then Jack Brown opened the Ship O’ Fools Tavern in the late 1970s. Googenheimer’s restaurant and tavern took over in the 1980s and expanded into 102 Washington to occupy the same rooms as the original post office. John Leese owned it. In 1992 the Rosebud Restaurant moved in, and six years later updated the interior and exterior of the building. The second floor was converted to apartments in the mid 1990s. In the winter of 2014, Joe Fairbairn purchased 100 Washington and The Rosebud from Jim and Martha Adamczyk and completely refurbished the bar/restaurant. The name was changed to Joe’s Wooden Nickel and opened Memorial weekend 2014. Joe’s Wooden Nickel had a new look and many new renovations – a Chicago style bar. Joe Fairbairn ran into complications, which led to an asset sale and a purchase agreement by Ralph/Laurie Allen who renamed the establishment Grand Haven Brew House. A brewpub was established 1/29/15 and HawkPeak Brewing began producing small batch high quality craft beer to complement the array of already existing craft beer options and a full bar featuring specialty wines, imported and domestic beer in bottles/cans, artisan spirits, a vast variety of liquor, root beer, and other distinctly unique food & beverage offerings.